Throughout the State of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim

We are a full-service Construction Management, Architectural and Engineering firm.

We pride ourselves in building strong relationships with our clients. Through mutual respect and established trust, we instill confidence in our clients that we will deliver the best possible solution to their challenges. Our talented professionals understand the demands of the market and can tailor solutions to meet local, cultural, and environmental requirements.  

Construction Management

As one of the largest construction management firms in Hawaii, we are committed to making our clients projects the best they can be, not only for stakeholders but for the community. We are the owner’s representative as a construction manager, project engineer, and/or inspector providing monitoring and inspecting day-to-day progress of the construction contractor, coordinating with all stakeholders during construction, and overseeing all work completed by the construction contractor.


We offer a client centered design process, providing thoughtful, well-designed built solutions. Our typical projects include repair and renovation work covering industrial, municipal, education and commercial renovations, including sustainable design, LEED and green infrastructure projects.

Landscape Architecture

From sprawling resort hotels to residential gardens around the globe, our landscape architects exercise site specific sensitivity and encourage design team collaboration, resulting in creative and sustainable solutions for each project regardless of scope and scale.

Civil Engineering

Our civil engineers provide a full range of design and consulting services addressing master plans, subdivisions, utilities, pump stations, drainage, stormwater management, water and wastewater treatment, water resources, and other civil and environmental improvements.

Our project portfolio includes utilities, renewable energy, municipal, education, commercial, residential, resort, transportation (roads, airports, harbors), institutional, health, recreational/athletic, industrial, agricultural, dam, and military projects, including sustainable design, LEED and green infrastructure projects.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical design services include economic and feasibility studies, energy conservation study and design, project management, preparation of construction contract documents, observation of construction and value engineering studies. In addition we strive to be sensitive to project environmental, energy, architectural and aesthetic concerns by developing specialized distribution systems, wiring techniques, and by the use of creative lighting.

Energy Management

Finding avenues for our clients to develop solutions for improving energy consumption and use through means of suggesting advanced lighting, better insulation, more efficient heating and cooling properties of buildings.

Environmental Consulting

Our environmental staff provides a broad spectrum of services that include guidance for sustainable site design, economical treatment and management of waste, and compliance with ever-changing environmental regulations. With its interdisciplinary focus, Bowers + Kubota is strategically organized to solve today's overlapping environmental challenges including green infrastructure, low impact development design, sustainable sites, and water conservation and reuse.


Recognizing the importance of responsible planned growth and development, our planners promote a comprehensive approach to planning which identifies long-range goals including the physical, environmental, social, and economic elements necessary for successful development of project areas. Our work includes master development plans, land use and resort development studies, urban and regional plans, entitlement processing, and site planning for both public and private sector clients.

Project Management

We concentrate on four principles that form the foundation of our project management approach: Cooperation – working with our team, stakeholders, and contractors; Anticipation – looking ahead for potential challenges and opportunities; Communication – establishing a system of communication and formal reporting; and Representation – working to represent our clients with its best interests at all times.

Interior Design

Our approach to interior design is deeply rooted in our commitment to striving to not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.  We strive to create spaces that meet functional requirements and connect with the local cultures and people for whom they are created.  It is our hope to help fulfill your goals and realize your dreams.