DOE Sustainable Schools

Saving over $7M annually

Managed complete interior LED retrofit statewide, saving over $7M annually on less than $3M expense. Installation of energy monitoring at all 256 campuses statewide (over 400 meters), including audit of utility billings. Worked with team to fund and finance over $100M in HVAC efficiency installations statewide to reduce HVAC consumption by 25%. Ongoing configuration and maintenance of over 200 PV/Battery systems powering classroom cooling from multiple battery manufacturers. Installation of microgrid at Queen Liliuokalani campus to provide resiliency and energy savings. Networked DDC controls for monitoring and maintenance of central plant HVAC statewide. Installation of high volume low speed fans in multiple gym and cafe.




State of Hawaii, Department of Education

Year Completed

  • 2020


  • Project Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Energy Management


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