Haleolailiainapono: Living Building Challenge

1st residence in the State of Hawaii to be Certified-Living

This registered Living Building Challenge demonstration case study seeks to build the 1st residence in the State of Hawaii to be Certified-Living by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) (certification pending). The project is entering its 12-month performance period to prove net-zero performance in energy, water and waste so it may earn ILFI Certification. Living Buildings possess proven performance, separating them from the pack.

The building is designed to operate net-zero at a minimum on an annual basis. 100% of the building's energy and water needs are supplied by on-site renewable resources. 100% of building's storm water and wastewater are recycled on-site. Batteries store enough energy to preserve food for building occupants for at least 1 week, enhancing resilience to natural disasters resulting from climate change.

Biophilic design elements create spaces and architecture that create both visual and non-visual connections with nature, including non-rhythmic sensory stimuli, and thermal airflow variability provided by natural ventilation and passive cooling strategies. Representations of water and dynamic and diffused natural light provide an overall connection with the building users and its natural systems. Biomorphic forms and patterns create spaces of prospect, refuge, mystery and risk, amounting to an architectural experience comparable to that of an explorative nature hike.


Honolulu, HI


Aaron Ackerman

Year Completed

  • 2020


  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering


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